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Because the process should be as welcoming as the outcome

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With twenty years of design expertise, we offer an unparalleled design experience that not only saves you time but also keeps unnecessary expenses at bay. With Peltier Interiors, you’re choosing peace of mind, backed by a dedication to thoughtful design choices.

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The Peltier Touch

Our range of services spans various projects, from refreshing furnishings to managing complete overhauls, structural additions, and new construction. This full-service process guarantees that your vision comes to life, no matter the scale. Our Extensive Range Of Services Include:
  • Information Gathering
  • Technical drawings
  • Design Concepts
  • Furniture and Finishes Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Installation & Styling

From House To Home

In our opinion, it’s the little things that transform a house into a home. Every element, from comfy upholstery and scented candles to custom artwork, is handpicked with care. We create spaces filled with warmth, charm, and understated elegance where you will truly feel at home.Get started
The Creative Process

01. Connect & Consult

During the initial consultation, we begin by stepping into your world to understand your vision, your home, and your lifestyle. This lays the groundwork for the scope of the project. Our enthusiasm goes beyond designing stunning spaces; we’re dedicated to building strong client relationships.

02. Conceive & Create

Working within your budget and scope, we craft an array of options. Our custom presentation boards become the roadmap of your project, showcasing everything from architectural finishes to exquisite furniture choices. With your vision in mind, we thoughtfully guide you through the entire decision-making process. Once we’ve collaboratively finalized the details, your project launches into the fun part!

03. Procure & Prepare

From furniture to finishes, we order, process, track and oversee the delivery of everything your project needs. Our job is to take care of the nitty gritty so you can enjoy the experience.

04. Oversee & Manage

Our elite expertise and technical knowledge empower us to effectively steer project management during the construction process. Seamless, clear communication is key for larger-scale projects. Take comfort in knowing that we ensure your design vision is followed carefully at every stage.

05. Install & Inspire

We take the time to meticulously install all furnishings and delicately place the finishing touches. After a final walkthrough, it’s your time to bask in the comfort of your newly transformed space, one that truly surpasses everything you had envisioned.

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