Ways to Enjoy Your Workspace

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It looks like we might be here for a while, so whether you’ve squeezed a surface space out of an unused corner, a guest room or have a whole room to yourself we wanted to share our top 7 tips for creating a functional, productive and beautiful shelter-in-place workspace.

  1. Location, Location, Location

If you have the ability to choose your space, base the location on your work style. Do you work best in sight of all the action or within arms-length of nibbles in the fridge?  Perhaps you need to keep one eye on the kids or prefer to be able to close the door and eliminate all distractions? If this space becomes the place for an end of day or after dinner drink, why not add a stylish seating area for a double duty space that extends beyond the 9-5.

  1. Storage Solutions

Obviously, (to those that read our blog) it goes without saying that we believe form follows function particularly when it comes to a productive workspace. Cluttering your workspace will clutter your mind so keep it clean and organized. That means finding a place to put everything. The easiest way to corral clutter is by bringing in a mix or open and closed storage. Look for vertical or horizontal options to maximize storage in your space. Really no room? Something as simple as adding a portable big-box store filing cabinet under your desk will help you hide excess paperwork. Adding a pin board to keep track of “at home” classroom schedules and “amazon shopping lists” can turn vertical space into a colorful, inspiring and functional accent.

  1. Banish the Beige

Keep your creativity up and banish the beige. Paint the walls a color you love or add a rug to bring color and texture to your space. How about a colorful (and comfortable) desk chair?

  1. Bright Idea

Make sure your office has plenty of light. If possible, position your desk in front of a window. Natural light will help lift your mood and prevent eye strain from hours at your computer. Then add in layers of artificial light, including general overhead lighting, along with a table or standing lamp for task lighting.

  1. Tidy Technology

Tame the cord jungle with cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer that attaches to the underside of the desk keeping those pesky cords off the floor. Making sure your equipment is placed close to power outlets will also help to ease the cord chaos.

  1. It’s Personal

If there’s one thing all our designers agree on, it’s that your home office needs to reflect you and your style. Choose pretty accessories, anything from a colorful pencil holder or tray, to a unique desk lamp to give your space personality.

Adding, open storage will give you more places to display personal items and books that you love, adding interest and depth to the space. No window? Add a piece of art above your desk so you always have something fun to look at.

  1. Going Green

Don’t forget the power of a plant to brighten your day. We love to use fresh greenery in a vase or a simple succulent, but if you have a green thumb go for it!

So, there you have them! Our 7 tips to bring style and functionality to your home office space.

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