A Designers Take on Some Not-So-Scary-Ways to Use Black in Your Home

It’s that spooky time of year, and I’ll take any moment I can to celebrate one of my favorite colors – BLACK. While Halloween is known for all kinds of frightful tricks and treats, I am definitely not afraid of this season’s favorite color.



There’s a funny thing in the world of design. Some designers release an appreciative sigh at the site of contrast and bold accents of black. But on the other side, some designers’ hands start to tremble at the thought of the bold color.



But, just like a pinch of salt can bring out the flavors in your favorite fall recipe (chili anyone?), a touch of black can transform a room and breathe new life into the space.



While black is often seen as modern, edgy, and of course comes with a cool factor, it can be equally classic in its approach. Just take a look at the tile we used during this Redondo Beach remodel. It exudes sophistication and style.



Or, take this example. Black and white cement tile has become increasingly popular. In this home, you’re seeing a more traditional way of playing with a bold color.



Even the smallest hint of black can go along way.  Opt for smaller accents like these picture frames.




Or something like this stunning black framed chair with navy blue fabric.



Black accessories pop on white shelving without feeling too heavy (or scary!).



Or, maybe you’re ready to go bold like we did at this year’s Pasadena Showcase House of Design.



One of my favorite ways to use black is in unexpected places. This light fixture is easily one of my staple accent pieces. It’s super glam in gold, but also comes in black. For an edgy, modern look, go with the black variation.




When you think of a traditional bathroom, for most, black plumbing fixtures aren’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it might be time to think again! These black fixtures bring a unique look to a traditional space. I always urge clients to think of black like a bold neutral.



For those of you not quite ready to incorporate black, I saved this idea for you! The safest place to use black in your home is on the front door. It makes a statement right as you enter the home, but it’s always classic (and never scares people off).



Of course, you can just go wild with your favorite shades of black, too.




I even painted all the doors in one of my homes black. I loved the look and feel so much that I’m thinking of trying it again.

So, are you still afraid to use black in your home? Let us know your favorite ways to use it!



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