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laundry room design ideas


If there is one person who’s equipped to handle a major renovation during a quarantine – it’s an interior designer.  We are uniquely suited to have the patience to put up with the dust, the construction and the disaster zone that comes with a remodel.  I am no different… I have to admit, I’m sort of enjoying this remodel.  Especially this week where I FINALLY get to see my laundry room design ideas come to life!

While most Americans are watching thier favorite Netflix shows (Tiger King?)  and tinkering away at 1000 piece puzzles (here are a few of our favorites) my family is spending their time a little differently.  Our “NORMAL” involves walking on plastic, accidentally touching wet walls and trying to stay 6 feet apart from the tile guy that shows up at 7:30 every morning.  And don’t ask how we are squeezing in work or school these days!

All of life has a lesson and to my wonderful clients over the years – I FEEL YOUR PAIN!  But I can now confidently say from experience,

Just hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end.” 

This seems to apply to life in general these days as much as it does to our home (or any) renovation.

I’d like to tell you that I had this all planned out and everything has been going perfectly.  But I’m a designer and reserve the right to change my mind (everyday…).  This tiny room simply meant to keep our clothes clean and hold more shoes has required more design decisions and details than the kitchen it seems.  And because I consider myself an open book, I’m sharing them all with you!

We tore out the old floors, moved a light fixture, added a pocket door and took out a wall of closets so that we could have a laundry room that functions and is full of life.

The Before…

Laundry room

The Laundry Room Before (via Zillow)

In place of the closets we are adding a custom bench with loads of storage and a place for everyones backpack and shoes.  We even made individual cubbies so there was no fighting about who had more floor space (smartest mom ever).

We started with this plan, which was a result of many hours researching laundry room design ideas:

And had to reselect the flooring at the last minute because of a backorder.  I love the new tile but am a little sad I didnt get to use this plaid one from Teselle that I’ve had my eye for ages.  (Check out this post for the top DONT’S of a remodel.)

Highland Glencoe 8" Square Cement Tile


But a replacement was found and progress was made!


Next up is the cabinet installation, wainscoting will go in, wallpaper will be hung, laundry machines go back and the cutest little light fixture gets installed, etc., etc., etc….

OK.  Reality check.  We still have a ways to go. 

But I’ll take my own advice and remember “It will all be worth it in the end“!

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