Plenty of Design Inspiration in Sonoma California

I finally made it wine country this summer! Having a little boy its difficult to get away on an adult vacation, but we roped in my mom and packed our bags, even booking a flight at the last minute instead of driving. Sonoma was even better than I imagined and there was so much that I loved and can use as design inspiration, from the simple lifestyle to the earthy (but still vibrant) color palette. Growing up in Michigan we are used to heading “up north” during the summers, it’s all very relaxed and casual. Sonoma had all of that and more, you could definitely feel the California vibe. I also hadn’t been to San Francisco in ages so it was great to revisit that as well.

My favorite winery was the Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, yes like the hotub! The Jacuzzi was actually named after this family. You can read their bio here and see their amazing winery.

Besides ‘hitting’ up the wineries I also stumbled upon a few neat restaurants and discovered a couple of new things about my own taste.

“I discovered I like that California country side for its design inspiration, and I can’t get enough of the amazing landscaping.”

I didnt really have a word for it and had a hard time trying to describe it, even to myself. But the wildflower look with grasses, lavender and some rose bushes thrown in, pretty much sums it up. Its that natural earthy feel with a round softness to it and the earthy tones with pops of color like lavender.

Sonoma really had a country feel to it that I am all about. Not like the mid-west country that I’m used to, but country with an effortless cool factor. We stopped at a great place for lunch, Sunflower Cafe. The back patio was covered in greanery with pops of orange and yellow sunflowers, of course. Very effortless but also trendy at the same time.

We also took a hike and found ourselves underneath a canopy of redwoods. I felt like I was on a movie set. Its so interesting to me how northern California is SO different than southern California. The light is cooler, the colors are cooler and of course the weather is cooler. In Southern California everything has a warmer look and feel to it, and the landscaping is very different as well

Of course the best part was spending time with my husband and best friends!

The whole trip was super charming and I cannot wait to visit again! Plus, I’m almost out of wine ?

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