Memorable Holiday Gifts Under $50


Do you feel it?

The holidays are almost here! Of course, you know that as you’ve been busy trying to figure out exactly what to get each and every person on your list. You want it to be special, memorable, show them that you’ve put thought into finding their gift. But, let’s be honest, you have a lot of people on your list! While you want to give a heartfelt present, you don’t want to spend a fortune.

That’s where we come in! At Peltier Home, we’ve hand-selected the perfect collection of holiday gifts. The best part is that we have items to fit every budget! If you think you can’t find something special for under $50, think again! Every item on this list meets a $50 budget.


gifts under $50


Peltier Home Curated Gifts

In the recent post on bespoke gift suggestions, I mentioned one of my favorite holiday gift items — a magnifying glass! I love this idea because it always creates a conversation. A magnifying glass is classy, elegant and works in a variety of well-designed spaces. We have four you can purchase right online, or stop by the store to browse the full selection.

  1. Knobby Wood Magnifying Glass
  2. Black & White Magnifying Glass
  3. Black & Tan Wooden Magnifying Glass
  4. Carved Bone Magnifying Glass

The fourth item is my personal favorite!


gifts under $50


Candles may feel a bit cold, but there are ways to make this holiday gift thoughtful! Pick out a scent the recipient would love (I highly recommend Winter Frost) and pair with a classy candle holder and candle snuffer. This Gold Rimmed Spotted Glass is an excellent choice for a candle holder. The simplicity of it allows it to fit in with most interior design concepts.


gifts under $50


Another often overlooked item is the trinket box. Here are two I absolutely adore.

  1. Hand Painted Bone Box
  2. Hand Painted Bone Box (octagonal)

Like the candle mentioned above, these are simple to personalize. Write a heartfelt letter to the recipient and place inside the box. Or, fill the box with their favorite chocolates or candies. Whatever you decide to do, you aren’t just limited to giving the box! Add your own touch here that shows the recipient you put extra thought and care into their gift.


gifts under $50


In another recent post, I discussed my must-have home accessory — vases! This item also makes a great holiday gift. There is so much to do with a vase.  When giving as a gift, pair with flowers or purchase a vase in a pattern you know will fit perfectly into a room at the recipient’s home. I love this Blown Bubble Glass Vase for its unique shape and versatility. This vase can be used in the winter or any other season. The look of this vase can be completely transformed by the arrangement that goes along with it.  

If you have not yet found the perfect holiday gift, stop and see us at 1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena, we’d be happy to help find the ultimate present for everyone on your list.

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