Living Room Revamp

As stated in the Warm Family Room post, this was the family’s former family/living room. Since that addition became a new family space, we needed to do something with the old room; we updated this one to allow the parents to have a living room of their own – a place where they could relax and feel like adults. This space really took to the transformation well! Now instead of being merely a functional room with no agenda, it is a beautiful, modern, and inviting place to come and unwind. Here’s the before and after (forgive the less than professional quality of the pics… my niche is definitely more design than photography!):

Here’s the design and sample board used to create this revamp.

Everyone should have a place they can feel comfortable and at ease. So excited to have given another family the space of their dreams!

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Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
A. W. — Pasadena, CA

Peltier Interiors