San Marino

San Marino Interior Design Studio

California-cool with a dash of Midwestern tradition best describes the design aesthetic of Peltier Interiors – Interior Design for Livable Lifestyles. Our fresh, natural palettes are complemented with sophisticated furniture and decor, and we ensure that our homes are stylish and family-friendly. Our team pays great attention to detail and makes sure that every inch of your San Marino home is designed and styled to suit your lifestyle. Our designs have that rare quality that appeals to adults and children.

Interior Design in San Marino

California-cool meets East Coast preppy at San Marino’s award-winning interior design studio. Designer and owner Amy Peltier thoughtfully curates each item in her design plan as she would for her own home, with great consideration to its functionality and design aesthetic. The studio ensures that their clients get everything to make their home beautiful and inviting — from furniture and accessories to upholstery, scented candles, and custom art.

Peltier Interiors