The Home Accessory You’re Missing

Accessories are everything to completing the perfect space.  Accessorizing is often the service that many of our clients request because it’s one of the hardest parts of the design process.  So, which accessory do I include in EVERY room?  The vase!  And with the holiday shopping season about to take off, this is also the gift I recommend getting just about anyone on your list!

Why Decorate with Vases

A vase can act like a piece of art, bringing shape, volume, pattern, and color to a space. When buying inventory for the Peltier Home showroom floor, I stock up on different sizes, price points, and functions. Here are just a few ways to use them in any room of your home:

  1. Fill them with flowers.
  2. Sit them on their own or with a match in a smaller size.  
  3. Use as a pretty way to collect and display small odds and ends around the house.
  4. Put them in a high visibility spot and create a focal point.

The right vase can make a bold statement, add contrast, or create cohesion in a room.

Decorating Your Home with Vases

When people think of vases, they most commonly think of fresh flowers, and for a good reason — fresh flowers pair perfectly with vases! When opting for fresh flowers, look for seasonal foliage at your local farmer’s market, floral store, or the best spot – Trader Joe’s. Doing so helps incorporate more of the seasonal change into your home. Flowers also provide an opportunity for you to test different accent colors and shapes to see what works best in your home.


Although fresh flowers are beautiful, they don’t have the longest shelf life. Fortunately, vases can be filled with almost anything, so get creative.

Don’t be afraid to go bare! Vases on their own are beautiful! You aren’t required to fill your vase just to fill it. Skip the filler by opting for a vase with a unique shape, color, or pattern instead.  


Now, if you’re a person who loves crafts, the possibilities are endless. Vases make a fun DIY project. You can complete simple crafts at home with your little ones, friends, or on your own at a pottery class in your neighborhood. Try painting your vase, adding glitter, using a stencil, or even making your own. Color Me Mine in Pasadena offers classes where you can choose your pottery and paint it right on site. This post from Craving Some Creativity provides 30 DIY vase projects.


Placing Your Vases

One vase or ten vases? No problem. Vases can be grouped or displayed individually. If you have several small vases, create a still life on an end table or an entry table. Group your vases in odd numbers, and aim for a variety of shapes and sizes. Fill a few vases and leave several empty, so the still life does not appear too cluttered or chaotic.


Go beyond basic vase placement on tables and arrange vases on top of kitchen cabinets, on open shelving, on a mantel, or in any other free nook around your home.


Vases as a Holiday Gift

Versatile, fashionable, and functional; vases make the perfect holiday gift. Try one of the DIY projects linked above to create a more personalized gift, or buy a vase in a stylish color or pattern. With all the options available, this is one gift idea your family and friends are sure to love.

Start your holiday shopping today!

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