Creating Your Holiday-Ready Guest Bedroom

The holidays are officially here, which means, family, food, and of course, GUESTS! 

While this is the most wonderful time of the year, it can be stressful getting your home holiday-ready.

Holiday lights and the Christmas tree often take precedence, but there’s one room you don’t want to forget… your guest bedroom!

In this article, we’ve put together our top interior design tips for prepping your guestroom for the holiday season.

Provide All the Comforts of Home

The best guestrooms are the ones that make your visitors feel like they’ve never left home! To create the most comfortable space possible, we have four recommendations for you.

1) Purchase a pair of fresh high-end sheets that are only used in your guestroom. It’s a nice little treat for your guests and makes prepping the room in advance that much easier for you.


2) Use extra care when choosing your window coverings. The right coverings will give your guests privacy and allow them to control lighting.



3) A warm duvet is key to a comfortable night’s sleep.



4) For added warmth, incorporate a basket with extra throws into your room.



Room Permitting Finishes

If your guestroom is big enough, we’ve got two tips to help make it as cozy as possible. 

1) Create a cushy reading nook with a chair and throw pillow to give your guests extra space to relax.



2) Add a chest of drawers to the room to give your visitors a place to store their things. It will help your guests clean up clutter and feel like they’re at home. 



Pull the Room Together Like a Pro

And now for the interior design secrets! To have your room looking like it was put together by a designer, here are two simple tips for you.

1) Add a subtle (or bold!) pop of color. There’s nothing more timeless than a dash of your favorite hue.



2) To make your guest bed like a design pro, add three euros and a long accent pillow.



Extra Touches Show You Care

With your room nearly ready to go, the final step is to add a few finishing touches. These little extras help to tie the space together and also show your guests just how much you care. Here are our top specialty touches for your guest bedroom.

1) Add fresh flowers to liven up the room.



2) Use aromatherapy to create a relaxing ambiance. Add a candle or a diffuser with a soothing scent like lavender. 

3) Set out a carafe of water and a few glasses so your guests don’t have to leave their room if they get thirsty during the night. Bonus: Add cucumbers or fresh fruit to the water. 



4) Set out magazines for quick, easy reading.

5) Place an alarm clock on the nightstand for a phone-free wake-up.

6) Add a small tray to the nightstand or chest of drawers for jewelry.

7) Create a toiletry basket complete with Kleenex and any other shower essentials.



8) Add a three-way bulb to bedside lamps for the perfect lighting.



9) Slippers make the perfect gift for house guests!



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