Let’s Bake – Cookies From Grandma’s Recipe Book!

Before we get to my Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, can I just say “Thank you”?

I have heard so many wonderful comments from friends, clients, and connections over these last few weeks in response to my newsletter and updates.

I find it a little ironic that up until a month ago finding time to say “hello” was so much harder.  We had every opportunity with zero restrictions to see anyone we please, anytime.  Now when that luxury has been removed I’m finding it’s easier than ever to connect with people.

I received an email from a client last week telling me they were healthy and enjoying their “new normal”, taking turns with the cooking and of course the cleanup. It made me laugh when she told me “The cooking is not bad, the cleanup is killer”.  Aren’t we all feeling this way?!  (My recommendation – paper plates!)

Another client so perfectly worded this experience as “bitter sweet”.  We finally get the time we’ve always wanted to spend with our family and friends, yet we also must find ways to have more patience and grace with each other than we ever have before.  This will all be a moment in history someday, until then, I’m enjoying as much as I can taking the time to organize, tackle projects that never get attention, and just “hanging out” with my kids.

In my organization frenzy I came across a cookbook my grandmother made for all her of grandchildren.  She hand-wrote every one of her favorite recipes in a journal (for all 9 of her grandchildren!).  I cannot wait until our kitchen is finished, her chocolate chip cookies and Italian Wedding Soup are the first two things I’ll be making!

Even though I don’t have a working kitchen at the moment, I don’t want to deny you a treat. So, I’m sharing my Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe below and a famous quote from Cookie Monster himself!

When Things Get Tough - Eat Cookies

Grandma's chocolate chip cookies

If you have any cookies left after baking your first batch we suggest storing them in style, with one of these blue and white cookie jars. What’s your style… bohemian, modern or classic?

Bohemian Canister | Modern Canister | Classic Canister

If you bake my grandmothers cookies please share, it would put the biggest smile on her face.

And we all need a little more of that these days.

Need help with a home project?  Contact us to hear how we can help during this time!

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