A Festive Fall Front Porch


It’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve really experienced a fall.  Back in California, fall is mostly 80 degree weather, and of course all sunshine.  Now that we’re on the east coast we are excited that fall is finally here!  The leaves are just starting to change, the weather is in the 50’s and 60’s and the days are filled with sunshine.  It’s my favorite time of the year.

So, I decided to decorate the new front porch, I spent a ton of time (way more than anyone should) day dreaming about how to execute this master piece so that I could take cute family photos on our front porch this year.



I couldn’t wait to load it up with shades of purple and plum to accent the blue door and shutters. Even selecting the Boxwoods was exciting!  It’s hard work finding a pair that match, are the perfect height, and not too skinny or full.  I snagged most of this good stuff at a cute local Nursery down the street called DePaul’s Urban Farm and even met the owner Amy.  She was super cool, must be her name.



A trip to Whole Foods turned surprisingly fruitful when my daughter Mara spotted an entire boxful of heirloom pumpkins and exclaimed, “ohhhhh, so cute!”.  (That apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) Since we have been waiting patiently for pumpkins to hit the stores, we got first pick and there were so many good ones.



I’ve had these cool Restoration Hardware planters that I brought with us from California (you can spot them in my Pasadena Showcase House of Design post here…), and now they were finally being put to use along with the tall and skinny boxwoods. They even have a blue undertone to them, which works great with the blue shutters and door.



Of course when the hard work of carrying all of this from the car to the door started, everyone seemed to disappear and it literally poured just as I was starting.  Of course, that would happen to me.  But since I haven’t seen a good rain in years, I just soaked it up…literally.



I created symmetry by placing matching mums on each side, but to avoid it looking too perfect, I stacked different sizes and colors of pumpkins around the base of the mums.  Even my handyman made a comment about how nice it looked..I must be on to something here.



The only thing missing from my fall front porch was a wreath.  No one in town had one and even the online retailers had a long lead time.  I guess I’ll have to save that for Christmas!


The final touch was when I shook off my front door mat and layered it with this indoor/outdoor accent rug from Dash and Albert.  I needed it to fill up the space and who doesn’t love a layered rug.  Even my daughters rain boots pop with all of the fun colors.

Maybe the neighbors are just being nice, but they all seem to have noticed and love the mums and pumpkins.  Now I just have to do is keep watering so they stay looking great!

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