Family Photos for the Holidays

As a mother, I think we can all agree, family photos are the BEST. It’s with a fluttering heart that we look at those year-over-year photos and see just how much the kiddos have grown and changed. Not to mention how much they’ve come into their own personalities as tiny humans. 



But the best part about having family photos taken this time of year is of course… that we can use them as holiday cards!



The Big Change

My business has changed so much compared to last year (hello expansion!), but as a family, the biggest change has been moving into a new house.


Going from Southern California to the D.C. area, we were invited to experience a number of family firsts.


Like… the kids seeing real fall colors and embracing the change of seasons. You can check out a bit of our festive fall porch here



How cute is the pop of color I added with the rainboots?



Quick Family Photo Tips

Tip 1: Dress your family in neutrals (gasp), the classics like white, gray, black, and blue. These play perfectly into black and white versions of holiday cards and forever photos! Personally, I love stripes and Mara always gets the honor ?



Tip 2: Anything can be your backdrop — for example, our photos were taken inside. Whether indoor or outdoor, your backdrop might just add that unexpected holiday touch to your photo.



Tip 3: If you do your family photos in late fall, not only can you use them for holiday cards, but you even have time to get them framed and on display before family gatherings!



Who Does Our Photos

Our last family photos were done by the fabulous team at LoveChild.



These holiday photos were done by the stunning Seana Suchart.


Pro tip: This year we ordered our holiday cards directly and loved how simple it was!


Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
A. W. — Pasadena, CA

Peltier Interiors