Do Wonders With Your Next Family Photo Shoot

For months I’ve been contemplating new photos of my two little ones. I didn’t want just any photoshoot or the typical studio experience. I wanted the pictures to be fun, authentic, and most importantly, showcase their amazing personalities.

A photoshoot with a Lovechild photographer has been on my bucket list for a long time. As soon as I received the pre-registration for a Los Angeles event, I knew I had to snag a time slot.

About Lovechild

Lovechild is a pop-up photography studio that works specifically with children. Events are hosted throughout the US in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Nashville, Portland, Chicago, and New York City. They specialize in unique events created to capture children acting precisely as they are — be it whimsical, loud, quiet, cool, or bright.

How It Works

To learn about Lovechild events, the process is simple!

  1. Visit
  2. On the location page, enter your email address for the city you’d like to be notified about
  3. Once a date is set, you’ll receive an email to pick a time slot
  4. A few days before the shoot, you’ll receive an email with the location address
  5. Show up and thirty minutes later you’re done

It’s really that easy!

The Process

I can’t say enough good things about the process and the entire Lovechild experience! Before the shoot, the Lovechild team told us to dress for the photos, but also bring one outfit to change into.

They also let us know to bring new shoes, as the bottoms are frequently photographed, and dirty soles don’t look good! I greatly appreciated this attention to detail. The session lasts just 30 minutes, and throughout, I wasn’t even sure the photographer was shooting! I was astounded by just how many photos were captured in a short photo shoot.

The Results

The photos are so modern and simple! The portraits of the kids are glowing, and the Lovechild team was able to successfully capture so many beautiful moments. Even the behind the scenes shots I took on my cell phone looked terrific!

At the end, each of the children got a balloon to take home, and we all left with smiling faces!

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Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
A. W. — Pasadena, CA

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