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If you had to pick one room in your house to remodel this spring, which would it be? If you’re thinking kitchen, so are we. Many times clients worry about the cost of a kitchen remodel, but your kitchen makeover doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. There are a number of small projects you can tackle in your kitchen that have a big payoff. In this post, we reveal our top kitchen interior design tips that can completely transform your room.



Pique Interest with Lighting

Although it might not be the first thing your guests notice when they walk into your kitchen, your lighting choices can brighten the room. Choose statement lighting like these oversized pendants to captivate attention and showcase your kitchen in a whole new light.


Contrast Your Cabinets

There’s something so perfect about contrasting cabinets. In many homes, the trend is to have all cabinets one color or one stain, but just look at the effect that’s created with two-toned cabinets!? Who wouldn’t want to meal prep in a kitchen this breathtaking?



Of course, it isn’t just the paint and stain that can be used to add contrast. You can also create distinction by using different countertops on the island the perimeter (see image above lighting). In this example, the island reverses the color order used on the kitchen perimeter. Before picking out your slabs, be sure to see each in person to ensure each element will work well together.



Create Texture With Tile

Much like paint can be used to create beautiful color contrasts or make a statement in a room, tile can be used in almost the same way. In the kitchen, you often see tile incorporated as part of a backsplash. Use this area to add a pop of color, create a tiled pattern, or blend your design theme.



However, if you’re ready for something a bit bolder, bring your tile all the way up to the ceiling for a completely one-of-a-kind look. You can also accent your tile by adding color to your cabinets. In this example, the color on the cabinets doesn’t feel over the top. Instead, it’s light subdued hue gives the kitchen a natural feeling.



Build Your Dream Storage

No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, there’s likely a way to get creative with your cabinetry. In the example above, the shape of the ceilings could have proved to be a design challenge, but nice tall cabinets work perfectly in this space.



Use Every Opportunity For Detail

Never underestimate the power of the tiniest detail. In this example, the beveled edge and shape of the countertop follows the structure of the cabinets perfectly. It not only accentuates the detail already in the cabinets, but provides another opportunity for customization.

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