Before & After – Pasadena Kitchen

Even if you’re not a culinary chef, you probably spend more time in your kitchen than you think. It’s one of the most used rooms in a home.  Many consider it the ‘heart of the home’ and it’s been known to make or break the sale of a home.  All the more reason to make sure when embarking on a kitchen remodel you should carefully plan and invest wisely.  

In this classic Pasadena home, the owners tasked our team with renovating both their kitchen and their bath. You can check out the bathroom remodel here. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the kitchen.

Much like the bathroom, the kitchen had space for a total overhaul but to be h9nets, the layout was quite tricky.  We had to work around a few constants that couldn’t be changed like a ceiling beam, some exterior windows and a built-in stone fireplace.  Of course there’s always a solution and we found it:)


To create a classic, yet modern kitchen, pretty much every inch of the existing room needed work.



To keep the space bright and open, we went with two-toned cabinets. The color of the island added more light and dimension to the room.  while the darker stain on the perimeter added the luxury we were looking for.  The walls and ceiling only have a faint wash of color that adds warmth but not heaviness.  A simple little woven shade on the windows added much needed privacy without darkening the room.


The real stunning aspects of this kitchen are, of course, in the sophisticated details. 


Beautiful pendents hang above the island, the same floor was used in the kitchen and the dining room to create a seamless flow.  We chose a door style that had a little extra detail and we used a natural Quartzite on the island adding loads of luxury.  We also added a tile mosaic insert above the stove to create a subtle focal point.


With durable materials and refined upgrades, this family of three is happily spending extra time in their new kitchen.




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Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
A. W. — Pasadena, CA

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