Before & After – 2014 Pasadena Showcase Nursery

It’s another BEFORE & AFTER!

I’m taking you all the way back to 2014. Although this might feel like forever ago (when you see pictures of me you might agree!), this project is still my ABSOLUTE favorite. If you’ve been following Peltier Home for a while, you may have seen me post about the Pasadena Showcase House of Design, but did you know that we’ve been part of this event before last year’s well-publicized grand foyer? In 2014, we completed our very first room — the showcase nursery.  This was such a big deal to be a part of this huge design community event and the nursery was beyond appropriate for me at the time.  A little known fact about Amy Peltier Interiors, when I first opened my firm in 2013, I was specializing in nurseries!  I had a 1 year old boy and was very much obsessed with all that could be done in the nursery.  Read below to see behind the scenes and how this space was transformed…

ALL PHOTO CREDITS:  “The talented” Bethany Naeurt


As I mentioned above, I started my design biz with nurseries.  There is something about them that I still love to this day and is very prevalent in many of my design projects.  I think they should balance between whimsical and magical, clean and simple with a heavy dose of function and always take your breath away.  Nurseries and children’s rooms can push the creative boundaries and allow you to step outside the traditional design box.  You’ll see plenty of that in the images below!



The bedroom and bathroom of this nursery suite each provided a unique set of challenges.  The bedroom was huge, and the bathroom was tiny, so we had to flex our space planning muscles in all directions.

In the bedroom, we took advantage of the large windows along the back wall.  The nook provided the perfect spot to tuck a custom day bed into it and flank it with ADORABLE sconces.

The bathroom we took down to the studs.  There was NO way to fit a tub into this space, in fact a shower barely fit, so we got creative and created a small shower and used a single piece if glass to separate it from the rest of the room and prevent the water from splashing everywhere.  This made the bathroom feel MUCH bigger, almost one big open space.

You can see our tiler above placing wood guides along the walls so he can get the perfect horizontal stripe with zero chance of it being crooked…

The extraordinarily detailed tiling was a main highlight of the bathroom and became one of our first big undertakings. We needed space to plan, layout, and assemble.  We are simply laying out the pattern from floor to ceiling to make sure everything lines up and we don’t end up with any funny cuts.  Consider it a dry run or practice round for the real deal.

But what nursery bathroom exists without a tub?  NONE!  So this is where we really got creative.  I used a farmhouse ‘kitchen’ sink as the main sink in the bathroom so that any parent could wash a baby in there.  Plus, I think it looks unbelievably cool!


Penny tiles are a favorite of mine and there is no shortage of them here.  We used them on the floor and up the walls to fill in between the tile stripes.  Not only do I love the look, but this was a HUGE way to save on expenses and allowed us to then add soft turquoise accents of custom handmade tile.  One of my favorite little details, the copper plumbing fixtures (Thank you Snyder Diamond and Newport Brass!).  They stand out in the mostly white space and are the perfect color compliment to the soft blue green hues.

Another showstopper, the fish wallpaper!  How many places do you get to use a fish wallpaper?  Answer – not many!  You can also see the finished results of that farmhouse sink – of course we filled it with ‘bubbles’ to really set the scene.

I truly believe any children’s bedroom should walk a fine line between magical and longevity.  We filled the walls with the softest mint colored paper dotted with beautiful flowers.  A wallpaper that I would use in my own bedroom as well.  Then we layered with age appropriate items such as a rocker, a child’s chair and the plushest of rugs.

This crib was everything and our nod to a hint of modern.  It was custom made by a local LA artist who used bleached walnut.  You can check out more of Taidgh’s work here.

The closet was its own sort of masterpiece (we painted the walls the softest shade of blush). After all, what parent out there doesn’t need more organization, storage, and hiding spaces.

Don’t forget to take in all the tiny details (did you notice the dress on the wall, it’s made from a map of ROME…).  I put so much love into this space and am forever grateful for the success it has brought to my design business.

Don’t forget to visit this years Pasadena Showcase House of Design, it’s a wonderful event for a fitting organization that I am so honored to be a part of and support!

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Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
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