My Favorite Bathroom Design Secrets


When it comes to your home, many people dream about their ideal kitchen or even their living room. But what about the other parts of your home? You know, the areas we don’t often think of first, but the areas that drive us absolutely crazy when not designed well. Bathroom interior design may not be the front-runner of the design world, but what’s better than a peaceful, tranquil spa-like experience? (NOTHING!)

In this post, we give you our favorite bathroom decor ideas that we’ve pulled from our client projects over the years.  Use our experience to help you create your own bathroom retreat!



Customize. Customize. Customize.

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes — one of the reasons bathroom interior design can be a challenge, but also so rewarding. People often struggle to source ideas that will work in their space. Use your bathroom as an opportunity to make customizations!  Every decision you need to make sure fall in line with the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, this is how you get that truly custom look.

Take this custom paneling we placed behind this freestanding tub.  We could have left the wall plain and painted it, but we decided to use the opportunity for some gorgeous customization. It’s the perfect way to add architectural detail to your bathroom.  We even placed the tub faucet in the perfect spot on the panelling for a jaw dropping symmetrical effect.



Another way to make the room your own is by adding a unique tiling detail. Like this shower — simple, elegant, and one of a kind.  The true beauty comes in all of the trim pieces.  We trimmed out the decorative tile niche, the edge of the bench seat and the edges of the shower tile for a truly finished product.



Unexpected Accents

One of our favorite bathroom decor ideas is to incorporate unexpected accents. Go beyond paint and tile – think bigger! This copper plumbing we used in The Pasadena Showcase House of Design makes a BOLD statement.  It’s not an often opportunity that you get to use a copper finish on plumbing fixtures, even for us, so we decided to go for it! Find subtle ways to integrate unique and bold accents into your space too through unexpected finished and unexpected contrast in style or design.



Use the Space You Have

Possibly the simplest bathroom design tip we can give, is to use the space you have! In the image below, you’ll notice the unconventional use of a farmhouse sink in a bathroom.  Although these sinks are most commonly seen in a kitchen, it just works here. The open shelving also contains baskets for quick, easy storage of towels.  Your floor plan should be decided and solid before even thinking about the decorative accents.  This is your road map to a successful bathroom and it’s not a step  you can skip!



Speaking of storage, have you ever noticed just how many items are in your bathroom!? Keep this in mind while designing your space. Ample storage in this room is a must!



Add Contrast

The one thing that can truly make a bathroom stand out is how you add contrast to the space. In the image below, the stunning pattern adds contrast to a neutral bathroom.



If you’re looking for a more significant statement, get inspired by this shower. It mixes both patterns and materials to create extra depth.



Or perhaps you want an utterly showstopping effect? Mix and match tiles and colors for a bold design.



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Client Love
“Amy spent a lot of time getting to know us, our style and comfort level. We felt that we could totally trust that she would design something that was unique to our family, and she did just that.”
A. W. — Pasadena, CA

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