As Seen In Houzz: Declutter Your Home


January — a fresh start, a time to set goals, and absolutely no free time! While a new year is a phenomenal time to create new milestones, it’s also a challenge to fit it all in! That’s why we love this recent post from Houzz. Instead of advocating for a household purge, this post gives you actionable items you can start doing today to get your home in order.  Oh and we forgot to mention the best part, the office picture in tip number one is from Peltier Home! You can read the full post about the pictured office space here.

If one of your goals is to declutter your home, keep reading because we’ve added a few of our own tips below!

Home Organization Tips

Open each and every closet

Although the Houzz article touches on wardrobe organization, we recommend taking it a step further. Get into each and every closet in your home. That includes your coat closet, kids closets, and yes, your craft closet! Go through each one (you don’t have to do this all at once) and donate anything you haven’t used in the last six months. If you’re in the Pasadena area, we recommend donating to the Huntington Collection.

Give your pantry a makeover

Think of this as your food closet. It too deserves a quick review. Look at the date of all food in your pantry and throw away any expired items.

Take a look at your spices

While in the kitchen, take a moment to clean out your herbs and spices. As a general rule, replace your spices every 1-3 years.

Head to the medicine cabinet

Just like your foods, your meds can go bad too! Get rid of any expired medications. The FDA has some helpful disposal tips here.

Rearrange, pack, and store excess in your garage

This tip is not as quick and easy as the others, but it’s one that’s totally worth it. Rubbermaid containers are perfect for use in your garage. Purchase a few totes and start packing away or reorganizing items in your garage.



Audit your bookshelves

Books, especially those with sentimental value or passed down from family members, are excellent pieces to put on display throughout your home, but may not always be a necessity. Go through your library and decide which books are a must keep and which can be donated.

Ditch the excess electronics

We’re all guilty of it — hoarding old cell phones that is. But, we promise, you don’t need to hold on to the first flip phone you ever owned. Go through your electronics and figure out which ones you no longer need. Look for an e-waste event in your community to dispose of properly.

We hope you find these declutter tips useful! Remember, you don’t have to do these all at once. Pick an item on the list and try to complete each over the next few weeks. The end result is a decluttered home!

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