8 Home Organization Tips From Interior Design Pros

home organization


Any busy homeowner will tell you, keeping your home organized and decluttered can feel like an impossible task.

If you have kids or pets, you may have given up on your home organization dreams entirely!

Before you give up on reading this post because you’re feeling stressed out by the thought of decluttering, let me tell you, at Peltier Home, we are professional organizers. Below, we’ve compiled some of our top quick and easy home organization tips to help you start feeling like an organizational superstar!



Use Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are the organized home’s secret weapon. Not only can you find these in many interesting shapes, colors, and styles, but it’s also an easy item to change seasonally. Take the example above — the baskets are accented by the color of the towel. If you’re going for a new look, just swap out colors! A similar effect could easily be created with a fabric lined basket. Bins come in many different colors and are often inexpensive enough that you may even be able to purchase multiple sets in multiple colors. 


home organization


Use Shelves For More Than Just Books

The apparent item most homeowners place on their bookshelves is, of course, books, but you can do so much more with space. Use your shelving units to display personal mementos or keepsakes that are important to you. In the image above, this homeowner included a signed basketball as part of their shelving display.


home organization


Glamorize The Mundane

Look around your home — what feels blah and boring? Use those areas as an opportunity to add color or patterns. Take the office above for example. A place for paper storage was desperately needed, but it didn’t have to be boring! To bring organization and turn the office into a work of art, we used patterned file folders and displayed alongside the artwork.


home organization


Find a Home For Everything

Household clutter magically disappears when you have a place for everything. But remember, it doesn’t have to be neatly packed away. For items often used, create an organized display. In this home, we used a basket to store pillows and throws. Although it serves as a place to store these items, it also adds color and variety to the room.



Use The Unused Space

Almost every home has a room with unused space. Find items you don’t use as often to store in these areas.  For example, a laundry room with cupboards and shelves could be the perfect place to store extra linens or out of season clothing.



Go Mobile

Sometimes the best organization happens on wheels! In this adorable closet, mobile carts are used to store teeny tiny clothing for a little one.


home organization


Create a Display

As a parent, kid’s toys can be a nightmare! But we promise it can be fun and clutter-free. Use your kiddos favorite things to create a beautiful display. These floating shelves are the perfect way to organize your library of children’s books.


home organization


Design For Your Lifestyle

Love wine? Love books? Love art? Easily avoid a cluttered, disorganized home by designing your organization systems to fit your needs. As a wine aficionado, finding a way to store wine in this home was a top priority.

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