Our Favorite Moments of 2017

Pasadena interior designer

It’s officially 2018, and as you know, a lot of people use this time of the year to reflect and set goals for the new year. At Peltier Home, we’re no exception! When we looked back at 2017, it’s almost unbelievable. In just a few short years of business in Pasadena, we’ve felt so welcomed and supported by this incredible community. For that, we can’t thank you enough!

Without further adieu, here are just a few highlights and fun moments from this past year!

A Theme Emerges

As we reviewed client projects and updates we’ve made at the store, we noticed a theme. That theme was wallpaper! For all the design lovers out there, this may come as no surprise. Wallpaper has the power to bring a visual (and sometimes actual) texture to any room. There’s been so much wallpaper in 2017, but who doesn’t love a good pattern?


boutique interior design


More On Patterns

Speaking of patterns, we love the statement a bold pattern makes in a room. It’s the foundation of many of our redesign projects. Even for those clients who were not pattern lovers like us, we were able to find elegant and subtle patterns that worked in the space and our clients loved!


boutique interior design


Designing For Clients And…

Their furry friends! See how excited this one is — definitely a fan of our work!


boutique interior design


Finding Inspiration

This past year, I decided to attend the High Point Market. For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it’s a must for interior designers. It’s the largest home furnishing event in the world! I took full advantage of my time at market and returned feeling more inspired and bursting new ideas for future projects.



But that wasn’t the only place we found inspiration…



There was stunning design right under our feet!

Joining In On The Festivities

Although this wasn’t our first year participating, Festival of the Trees is something we look forward to every year. Not only do we have the opportunity to share our passion for design with the community, but this event also benefits the Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills. There’s something about giving back that brings out the holiday spirit!


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Connecting With The Community

I mentioned above how supportive the Pasadena community has been, and there are two distinct moments in 2017 that showcased the encouragement and welcoming attitude of our neighbors, clients, and friends.


In 2017, Peltier Home was recognized as the best furniture and accessories store in Pasadena, and the design studio was recognized as the best interior designer in Pasadena. My team and I still cannot get over this honor. This motivated us so much to bring our very best selves to the studio each and every day.


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Beyond being recognized by the Pasadena community, we’ve also seen our online community grow substantially! We recently surpassed 2,000 followers on Instagram. Although this might not seem like a much, it’s a significant milestone for us, and it’s a testament to the support and recognition we've received. Social media is personal, and we appreciate each and every follower who’s invited us into their social sphere and who takes the time out of their day to Like or follow our posts! Thank you for engaging!


boutique interior design


Oh, what a year it’s been! 2017 has most definitely been a memorable year. We would like to thank you not only for reading here, but also for subscribing to updates, stopping by the store, and inviting us into your home as your trusted interior designers. It’s an honor to do business in this community!

Looking Forward

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2018 by expanding our business; designing more simple, happy, homes;  and bringing new designers to the studio. Here's to another great year! 

We hope to see you soon and thank you in person!

Stop into Peltier Home, a design studio on Mission Street in South Pasadena, CA  and tell us about your 2017 or plans for 2018!


gifts under $50

Memorable Holiday Gifts Under $50


Do you feel it?

The holidays are almost here! Of course, you know that as you’ve been busy trying to figure out exactly what to get each and every person on your list. You want it to be special, memorable, show them that you’ve put thought into finding their gift. But, let's be honest, you have a lot of people on your list! While you want to give a heartfelt present, you don’t want to spend a fortune.

That’s where we come in! At Peltier Home, we’ve hand-selected the perfect collection of holiday gifts. The best part is that we have items to fit every budget! If you think you can’t find something special for under $50, think again! Every item on this list meets a $50 budget.


gifts under $50


Peltier Home Curated Gifts

In the recent post on bespoke gift suggestions, I mentioned one of my favorite holiday gift items — a magnifying glass! I love this idea because it always creates a conversation. A magnifying glass is classy, elegant and works in a variety of well-designed spaces. We have four you can purchase right online, or stop by the store to browse the full selection.

  1. Knobby Wood Magnifying Glass
  2. Black & White Magnifying Glass
  3. Black & Tan Wooden Magnifying Glass
  4. Carved Bone Magnifying Glass

The fourth item is my personal favorite!


gifts under $50


Candles may feel a bit cold, but there are ways to make this holiday gift thoughtful! Pick out a scent the recipient would love (I highly recommend Winter Frost) and pair with a classy candle holder and candle snuffer. This Gold Rimmed Spotted Glass is an excellent choice for a candle holder. The simplicity of it allows it to fit in with most interior design concepts.


gifts under $50


Another often overlooked item is the trinket box. Here are two I absolutely adore.

  1. Hand Painted Bone Box
  2. Hand Painted Bone Box (octagonal)

Like the candle mentioned above, these are simple to personalize. Write a heartfelt letter to the recipient and place inside the box. Or, fill the box with their favorite chocolates or candies. Whatever you decide to do, you aren’t just limited to giving the box! Add your own touch here that shows the recipient you put extra thought and care into their gift.


gifts under $50


In another recent post, I discussed my must-have home accessory — vases! This item also makes a great holiday gift. There is so much to do with a vase.  When giving as a gift, pair with flowers or purchase a vase in a pattern you know will fit perfectly into a room at the recipient's home. I love this Blown Bubble Glass Vase for its unique shape and versatility. This vase can be used in the winter or any other season. The look of this vase can be completely transformed by the arrangement that goes along with it.  

If you have not yet found the perfect holiday gift, stop and see us at 1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena, we’d be happy to help find the ultimate present for everyone on your list.

Best Holiday Fragrance

The Fragrance of Holiday Cheer

Best Holiday Fragrance


If you’ve stopped into Peltier Home or read this blog regularly, you know how much I adore Archipelago products and fragrances. Every holiday season, Archipelago releases the best-scented candle and fragrance — Winter Frost.


Best Holiday Fragrance


A Peltier Home Favorite

Here at the store, it’s become our signature scent! Every year Archipelago goes out of stock of this luxurious fragrance. By mid-November, we've stocked up on Winter Frost. During our annual Peltier Home holiday party, we launch our sale and display our favorite holiday essence. Winter Frost can be purchased as a candle, diffuser, or as pinecone potpourri.

I love when November first rolls around, we light a candle in the store and everyone notices. Our days are filled with questions about what smells SO good. Every time I light a Winter Frost candle, I’m reminded of the fresh hint of pinecone trees on a perfect snow-coated day.


Holiday Fragrance


Not Just Any Other Winter Fragrance

The fragrance is not overly strong like many other winter scents; instead, it’s light and fresh as if your breathing cold air in the woods. It has a subtle earthy undertone keeping it very natural.


Best Holiday Fragrance


Stunning Details

But the packaging is what makes Winter Frost genuinely extraordinary. You can choose from glass jar candles, the classic diffuser bottle, and this year, Archipelago also introduced holiday glass containers in many different sizes.

Give one as a gift, it won't disappoint, but don’t forget to stock up for yourself, once our inventory is gone, you won't be able to get it until November of next year!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?

Stop by Peltier Home, a design studio at 1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena, CA.

Pasadena Holiday Party

Happy Holidays From Peltier Home

Pasadena Holiday Party

You know the saying, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” After our annual holiday party, I couldn’t agree more! We know the holiday season is busy and jam-packed with events, so instead of waiting until December, we opt to treat our holiday party as a festive holiday kick-off.



The Peltier Home holiday party is open to the public. We encourage our South Pasadena neighbors to stop in, meet our team, and see what our store is all about.



It wouldn’t be a holiday party without seasonal decorations. We made sure our tree was ready. How cute are the bells we used here?!


Pasadena Holiday Party


At the store, we pride ourselves on curating some of the most unique holiday gifts in town. We have something for everyone on your list. During the holiday party, we showcased some of our favorite presents, but if you’re still shopping, take a look at this list for inspiration.


Pasadena Holiday Party


Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the food and drinks!


Pasadena Holiday Party


All of those highlights aside, what makes this event truly special and important to myself and my team is the opportunity to thank all of our vendors, clients, and neighbors. We have had an exceptional 2017, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year.


Thank you for making this a year we’ll never forget and happy holidays!

Didn’t make it to the party? Say hello!

Stop by Peltier Home, a  design studio at  1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena, CA.

Peltier Homes - a design studio in Pasadena

2017 Annual Holiday Party

Peltier Homes - a design studio in Pasadena

The Peltier Home annual holiday celebration is here again and we can't wait to commemorate another amazing year!

A Reason to Celebrate

We opened the retail studio, Peltier Home on Mission Street in South Pasadena, two years ago and continue to build our reputation in the community as an excellent source for interior design, but also as a go-to destination for home décor and furniture.

In two short years, we have been voted Best of Pasadena in two categories, grown as a team, and become more involved in the Pasadena community. We are excited to reflect on 2017 and celebrate another fantastic year of business.



Your Invited

Each year we invite clients, vendors, family, and friends to join us for our anniversary celebration. It’s a great way to recap on the year, catch up with clients, kick off the holidays, and showcase our favorite holiday gifts.

This year, the Peltier Home holiday celebration will take place on November 15 from 5-8 pm at the retail studio located at 1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena.


Gift Inspiration

To get into the holiday spirit, we decorate our front window and showroom for the season and stock up on gifts for everyone. You'll find unique gifts for each person on your list; from boxes, frames, vases and our favorite holiday scent Winter Frost. Enjoy music, small bites, desserts, and champagne while you start your holiday shopping. Whether you’ve been before or this is your first time in our showroom, celebrate with us!

Join us on November 15 from 5-8 pm. For more information about our holiday party or to RSVP, contact Delilah at home@peltierinteriors.com

Archipelago Brings Beauty from Nature to You


Natural skin care brands

Every time someone inquires about my profession and I reveal that I'm a designer I always get a response along the lines of "Oh you must love your job!"  But nothing tops my love for interior design like shopping for inventory for the store.  Christmas always comes early for us as we have to think several months in advance to make sure we are stocked and ready to go for the most wonderful time of the year.  Of course, as part of our buying process, we look back to last year and review what sold well, what didn't, and what we would like to change.  This year we have decided to dive a little deeper into gifting items that fall just outside the norm for us.  I am still trying to decide if I actually based this decision on what was right for business or if it was because I have been waiting for the right moment to stock EVEN MORE Archipelgo products.  

So you are hearing it first right here - we now carry Archipelgo skin care products!!!!  (I can hear you cheering from here...)

The Archipelago Story

If you're not familiar with the line, you must stop in to smell their amazing candles.  Archipelago Botanicals was founded humbly in a garage by Gregg Corzine and David Klass in 1988. Their mission was to create natural fragrances, bath products, and wellness products that allowed people to relax and truly take a break from their busy lives. With this goal in mind, they chose the name Archipelago which is a common way of referring to a large group of islands. We chose Archiplego because of the Excursion line which boasts simple packaging and scents that evoke your favorite far away places like Santorini and Kashmir (just to name a few).

By 2012, Gregg and David ditched the garage. Their dream had become a rapidly growing reality. So much so that Archipelago was becoming one of the most sought-after names in luxury bath, body, and aromatherapy products.

Natural Ingredients for Skin Care

I'm not going to bore you with the details of why you should go natural, everyone knows that natural, natural, natural is where it's at, ESPECIALLY when it comes to skin care.  That’s one of the reasons I love Archipelago and choose to carry several of their lines at Peltier Home.  These products are perfect for spoiling yourself and even better for gift giving.

So which ones are our favorites?  


Milk is an award-winning Archipelago collection featuring dried milk solids and natural proteins. This product is perfect for soothing the skin and leaving it naturally soft and supple. Milk is available individually in soy or oat proteins or a combination blends of the two.

Black Honey

The Black Honey collection is produced by some of the world’s largest bees in tropical rainforest regions. The gluconic acid found in the dark, mineral-rich honey is perfect for extra moisture and complexion balancing.

Best body productsCoconut

The benefits of coconut oil are no secret. It’s one of the healthiest oils on earth. The Coconut collection contains coconut oil, blended with coconut water, natural extracts, and jojoba esters to create an elegant bath collection. If you’re experiencing any redness or dry patches, the alpha hydroxy acids found in this collection will help to tame and heal your skin keeping it looking young and hydrated.

Just in case your wondering, I am NOT being paid for this blog post.  No joke, I truly LOVE this line, especially the winter frost fragrance we have coming in November.

There is only one downfall to the brand - I can never spell it correctly!  But then again no one can ever spell my business name either:)


Ready to shop the Archipelago Bath & Body collection? Stop into  Peltier Home, a  design studio at  1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena, CA.