Christmas Home Decor

A Holiday-Ready Home

Christmas Home Decor


When you think about the holiday season, what’s your favorite thing? I know for me, one of my favorites is just how beautiful it is this time of year. During the holidays, people change up their usual style, they fill their home with twinkling lights, and find inspiration in unexpected places. While creating the perfect Christmas home decor should be a fun experience, it can also be overwhelming.

I love this time of the year because I love helping my clients pull it all together. Each year, my team and I are asked to help some of our clients design the perfect holiday home.


Christmas Home Decor


The Wish List

This family of four was ready for the holidays, but their living room was not quite there. They wanted a place to entertain and enjoy the season with their loved ones. They gravitated towards modern style and wanted a bit of edginess in their home, but they didn’t want to sacrifice the warm, comfortable feelings often associated with a living room.

The Must-Haves

  • Comfortable upholstery pieces
  • Bar cart for entertaining
  • Minimal patterns
  • Custom artwork
  • Modern, edgy design



Design Inspiration

Restoration Hardware served as the base inspiration for this client. The walls throughout the house are pure white by Benjamin Moore. The vaulted ceilings and brick fireplace already existed, giving us a balanced foundation to use when planning the design. The symmetry of the room played a significant role in the simplicity of the space. These elements all came together to inspire the final interior design plan. 

To create the desired effect, we used bold, custom artwork as the focal point of the room. Behind the sofa, we incorporated a series of maps. The client was not big on patterns, the graphic design on the pair of stools was a no-brainer. It complimented the room perfectly.

We pulled the room together with a large rug to accent the space and added a hint of glam with the mirrored coffee table. Of course, we wouldn’t leave out the bar cart! We found the perfect cart and accessorized to match the feel of the room.



Preparing the Home for Christmas

The final part of this project was to get the home ready for Christmas! We added a large Christmas tree to the corner of the room. We designed the tree around the room itself. To create texture and interest, we collected large and small ornaments made with different materials. In the tree, we mixed glass, icicle, and feathered ornaments. We filled the tree with white lights and sat back to admire the final design. Formal, elegant, and timeless just in time for Christmas!

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Coastal Accents in a Serene Master Bedroom


More often than not, when you find your dream home, it isn’t exactly perfect. There’s usually a space or two that you wish you could change, update, redesign, or even move. This master bedroom was no exception. The bones were there, but to create the client’s ideal master suite, we needed a full remodel.

The Wish List

This client was looking for cohesion between rooms and a true master suite. The design inspiration was classic and timeless, but the client also loved the beach! To create serenity and the perfect master bedroom, we selected colors and accents with  influences from the ocean and incorporated traditional furniture pieces to achieve the perfect blend of coastal and classic style.

The Must-Haves

  • Traditional elegance
  • Transition into a full master suite — including master bedroom, closet, and bath



Interior Design Dilemma

When I began this master bedroom project, it was immediately evident that the individual rooms were not going to work in their current state. The most prominent challenge we faced on this project was reconfiguring the individual rooms to use the space better and maximize storage options.

Design Solutions

To make the most use of the space, we had a few custom pieces created. Both the rug and the bed were constructed specifically for this room. By doing this, we were able to use the rug and the bed as focal pieces that perfectly blended into the layout of the room.


Design Highlight

For an interior designer, one of the most rewarding moments is when a client gives the green light on an idea that has the power to change the space entirely. As the designer, this shows that the client trusts you, but for the client, this can be scary! For the master bedroom, the bold idea my team and I came up with was to relocate the shower.

By moving the shower, this allowed my team and I to create the details that set this suite apart. We added inset tile, a gorgeous shower seat, more than one shower head, and glass on two sides of the shower to open the space up and add complimentary luxury to the room.


Team Favorites

The shower wasn’t the only highlight. My favorite item in the master bedroom was the lamps (pictured above) we used on the nightstands. I knew these would be a hit with the client. Not only were they elegant, but they also reminded me of the sea!

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The Most Glamorous Master Bath in Redondo Beach

Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner, and Laurence Olivier — what do these timeless actresses and actors have to do with a Redondo Beach home? That’s just it, they are all regarded as classic icons of old Hollywood glamour,  and that’s exactly what one young couple with a small child from Northern California was seeking when they bought their first home just south of Los Angeles.


The Wish List

With any home renovation, there’s a need and desire to improve the look of the space, but with this home, the renovation went beyond aesthetics. The functionality of the space was also a top priority. As you can see from the before photos (below), the master bathroom was in need of a major overhaul. Not only was room outdated, but it desperately needed space and practicality planning.


Redondo Beach master bath renovation


Main Client Requests

  • Classic, vintage look with a hint of old Hollywood glamour
  • Complete renovation of master bath
  • Functionality in each room

Master Bath Floorplan

Interior Design Dilemma

Some interior designers let things like walls and windows dictate their plan. But, not my team and I! For this home, we even moved and replaced the window. This proved to be more of a challenge than we initially anticipated with historical district regulations standing in our way. The end result was utterly stunning and flowed perfectly with the home’s architecture.

Design Highlight

Take another look at this before picture…

Redondo Beach master bath renovation

And the after…

Redondo Beach master bath renovation

Can you tell my favorite part of this Redondo Beach home?!

It’s, of course, the flooring in the master bath! This exquisite tile is from Cement Tile Shop. What I love the most about this look is the way it perfectly blended classic and vintage.  We also used plumbing fixtures by Ginger for a similar effect.

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Bringing a Modern Touch to a Spanish Colonial Classic

Every once in a while we get a "surprise" client that walks into our design showroom.  I think that's what makes this business so fun.  This client, in particular, walked in one afternoon and said she would love help with her living room.  So in our usual fashion, we set up a consultation and started the process.  But we did a small happy dance when we actually saw the room.  It was large, architecturally updated and had an AMAZING view!  But even better, this client had GREAT taste.  We always dig a little with each client to come up with a wish list, and this project was right in our wheel house.

The Must-Haves

  1. Use durable fabrics so she can have her grandkids over worry-free (we immediately thought indoor-outdoor fabrics)
  2. Include a tasteful pop of color
  3. Incorporate some fun personality
  4. Add pattern not just on pillows but on a large piece of furniture (AKA - She's a little adventurous!)

Of course, we are always up to this challenge and can't wait to show you how it all turned out below!


Spanish Colonial Interior Design - Before

Drum roll, please....After!

Spanish Colonial After - 5

Spanish Colonial Interior Design - After 4

...and even more detail goodness!

Spanish Colonial Interior Design - After Accents

Client Wishlist

As you can see from the photo below, when creating the interior design plan for this space, it wasn’t just the human clients we had to consider. Their 4-legged friend was an essential consideration too!

As mentioned above, the client preferred to use an indoor-outdoor fabric on all pieces -- specifically Sunbrella. This trend is not uncommon, as more and more families are opting for durability, but it did pose a unique challenge. Beyond fabric constraints, the client wanted to breathe some life into the room with a pop of color and the use of patterns, of course, we did too.

Note:  If you haven't read my recent post on my favorite durable fabric, do so now!

Interior Design Dilemma

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the fabric that posed the biggest design dilemma in this home. Like many stunning Spanish Colonial homes, it was the expansive space itself that created the biggest challenge.

Spanish Colonial Interior Design - Floor Plan

You’ll notice in the photo above that although beautiful, the ample hardwood flooring created a unique challenge. Because of the size of the room, we wanted to warm up the space with a comfortable rug. However, a standard large rug would not be big enough.

The Solution

Instead, we did our favorite thing and went the custom route! To maximize use of the space, we had a custom rug made with a ¾”leather binding to perfectly fit the room.  Once we had that in place we were able to fit in a generous sectional, two swivel chairs and a forgiving leather ottoman to ground it all.

Bonus Interior Design Insight

Every room needs a gorgeous pattern to liven things up a bit. Most clients are on the conservative side, so we opt for patterned pillows and pattern on smaller accents pieces, but not this fun client! In lieu of alternatives, we made a bold decision to use a geometric pattern on two swivel chairs and couldn’t be happier with the results! The best part? The fabric was also Sunbrella, does it get any better?

Spanish Colonial Interior Design - Patterned Chairs

This Spanish Colonial masterpiece not only lived up to our expectations but also exceeded the clients. Bold choices and customized pieces changed the tone of this room and made it more livable for both the home owners and their canine companion.

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Living Room Revamp

As stated in the Warm Family Room post, this was the family’s former family/living room. Since that addition became a new family space, we needed to do something with the old room; we updated this one to allow the parents to have a living room of their own – a place where they could relax and feel like adults. This space really took to the transformation well! Now instead of being merely a functional room with no agenda, it is a beautiful, modern, and inviting place to come and unwind. Here’s the before and after (forgive the less than professional quality of the pics… my niche is definitely more design than photography!):


Here’s the design and sample board used to create this revamp.

Everyone should have a place they can feel comfortable and at ease. So excited to have given another family the space of their dreams!


An Organized Interior Design Office Space

I have FINALLY finished the design of my Los Angeles based interior design office! I have been so busy (YEAH!) this year that it took me over 6 months to complete, but I am happy to say it is organized and functional. I was even able to use most of the office pieces I already owned and just filled in here an there. This is one project that definitely didn’t break the bank!

I used my IKEA desk pieces that have been in storage for years and just added one small piece to them. I also re-painted my OLD Pottery Barn table and chairs a modern black and white. We still needed a place to sit and eat and I also needed a spot for all of my employees, so this handy dandy table came to the rescue again. I thought it would be cute to use chalkboard paint on the top of the table so my son could draw on it while I was working. My favorite project was painting the bottoms of the chairs black and the tops white. I might even switch the color on the bottom of the chairs again soon, it was that easy.

I also threw in an IKEA bold print rug and a lucite chair to play off of the modern acrylic I painted years ago.

I was even able to incorporate the existing drapes and chandelier that were there from when this space was just a dining room.

I am sure that I will need to make more changes in the future as my interior design business grows, who knows I might even move to another part of Los Angeles. But I know that I will be able to adjust and accommodate another space pretty easily. For now, I’m one happy camper 🙂


Interior Design LA Style

I am in the process of helping a family with twin boys furnish and design a new addition on their home. I can relate so much to their lifestyle because they have twin boys and animals, yet wanted a stylish place to all hang out. Below is the design board and we are just about a month away from installation. The finish work is being completed on the addition, the custom built-in is being crafted and the furniture is all ordered and underway. Below is the design board as well as some under construction photos.

We chose a HUGE sectional that has two ottomans which can create chaises at both ends. The sectional will be upholstered in a warm leather like a horses saddle. The homeowner already had a fabulous rug with cinnamons and blues. To liven it up and add cheer we are doing roman shades on all of the windows in the floral pattern and adding a pair of those pillows on the sectional. There will be a total of 6 pillows, the other two sets in a terra-cotta diamond pattern and a leafy green color. We are painting the built in a warm color and pulling out that smokey blue on the back of the unit. The homeowners are both lighting designers so you know the lighting will be perfect, and I cant wait to see how it turns out.

We finished the space, and it turned out great! Take a look at the finished product: