The Art of Hanging Art

The Art of Hanging Art

Artwork can be confusing and overwhelming for most people.  Every time I visit a clients’ home I either see artwork that is hung incorrectly or they are asking me where and how to hang their pieces.  There are so many parts to this answer; the art itself, how to frame it and how to hang it.  Here are a few tips on getting it right.


I like to buy what catches my interest.  I don’t agonize over it, if I like it I buy it.  I have paid nothing for art, I have paid ten dollars for pieces that people ooooh and aaaaah over.  I have even painted my own contemporary.  I also own some weird pieces that my husband repetedly askes me to take down (of course, I always refuse).  So keep your eyes peeled, don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money.  If your really crafty, create it yourself.  (If you would like a tutorial on how to paint your own artwork, leave a comment for me!)  Some online places to find great pieces are and, and  Don’t forget to check, consignment stores, Goodwill, Ebay, garage sales and flea markets too.


collection of artwork

traditional staircase by ILevel

If you wanted to start a snow globe collection, you wouldn’t immediately go out and buy every snow globe you could find.  You would take your time and collect one here and one there.  You might pick something up on a vacation, or ask for one as a gift every year.  But it ‘s a collection over time, that has memories and meaning to it.  Think of the art in your home the same way.  Take your time looking and collecting, enjoy the hunt.


artwork and framing

A big part of what makes art work is how you frame it.  You can spend a ton of money on frames and a little bit of money on frames.  I like to use my frames to make a huge statement.  I also matte the art in a neutral or white and I always go BIG .  You can use the smallest of frames but if you go big on your mats, it makes an impression.  I am always very familiar with matte and frame measurements of ready made items.  I love Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Ikea for inexpensive frames, even Michaels and Joann Fabrics have great inexpensive choices with a coupon.  I can quickly look up frame sizes online, so if I see a must have piece of art, I can take an educated guess if I will be custom framing it, or buying a ready made frame.  You can even use the matte that comes with the frame, or if it isn’t the perfect size, spend $20-30 and get a new one cut just right.  I’m also known to spend $5 on the art itself and $150 just to frame it.  Sometimes you have to splurge for a large piece, but it can make or break your room.


hanging artwork

So you’ve purchased some art, or you want to hang your family photos.  Lots of people tend to hang things to high, too far apart and not consider the size of the piece for the space on the wall.  First, hold the piece up to the wall, make the center just above eye level.  Make a mark and hang.  Yes, it’s that simple.  If you are hanging photos of friends and family, they look best in large groupings.  You can hang them in an asymmetrical pattern or hang them in a grid, that’s all up to you.  But when you hang a grouping of 9-12 on a wall (like the photo above), opposed to a couple of small pictures in small frames, it will look amazing.

You can see the rest of my artwork inspiration on Pinterest.  Happy hanging!

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