Best Holiday Fragrance

The Fragrance of Holiday Cheer

Best Holiday Fragrance


If you’ve stopped into Peltier Home or read this blog regularly, you know how much I adore Archipelago products and fragrances. Every holiday season, Archipelago releases the best-scented candle and fragrance — Winter Frost.


Best Holiday Fragrance


A Peltier Home Favorite

Here at the store, it’s become our signature scent! Every year Archipelago goes out of stock of this luxurious fragrance. By mid-November, we've stocked up on Winter Frost. During our annual Peltier Home holiday party, we launch our sale and display our favorite holiday essence. Winter Frost can be purchased as a candle, diffuser, or as pinecone potpourri.

I love when November first rolls around, we light a candle in the store and everyone notices. Our days are filled with questions about what smells SO good. Every time I light a Winter Frost candle, I’m reminded of the fresh hint of pinecone trees on a perfect snow-coated day.


Holiday Fragrance


Not Just Any Other Winter Fragrance

The fragrance is not overly strong like many other winter scents; instead, it’s light and fresh as if your breathing cold air in the woods. It has a subtle earthy undertone keeping it very natural.


Best Holiday Fragrance


Stunning Details

But the packaging is what makes Winter Frost genuinely extraordinary. You can choose from glass jar candles, the classic diffuser bottle, and this year, Archipelago also introduced holiday glass containers in many different sizes.

Give one as a gift, it won't disappoint, but don’t forget to stock up for yourself, once our inventory is gone, you won't be able to get it until November of next year!

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Pasadena Holiday Party

Happy Holidays From Peltier Home

Pasadena Holiday Party

You know the saying, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” After our annual holiday party, I couldn’t agree more! We know the holiday season is busy and jam-packed with events, so instead of waiting until December, we opt to treat our holiday party as a festive holiday kick-off.



The Peltier Home holiday party is open to the public. We encourage our South Pasadena neighbors to stop in, meet our team, and see what our store is all about.



It wouldn’t be a holiday party without seasonal decorations. We made sure our tree was ready. How cute are the bells we used here?!


Pasadena Holiday Party


At the store, we pride ourselves on curating some of the most unique holiday gifts in town. We have something for everyone on your list. During the holiday party, we showcased some of our favorite presents, but if you’re still shopping, take a look at this list for inspiration.


Pasadena Holiday Party


Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the food and drinks!


Pasadena Holiday Party


All of those highlights aside, what makes this event truly special and important to myself and my team is the opportunity to thank all of our vendors, clients, and neighbors. We have had an exceptional 2017, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year.


Thank you for making this a year we’ll never forget and happy holidays!

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The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List

Have you ever walked into a holiday party with the perfect gift, only to find three other people also thought it was the perfect gift? Finding a unique holiday gift can feel like an impossible task. You want it to be special, memorable, and something the recipient loves, but the holidays always seem to sneak up. Before you know it, your shopping list has tripled in size and the list of names of family, friends, and coworkers never seems to stop growing. In this post, I give you my favorite gift suggestions that are sure to make a lasting impression.

The Person Who Has It All

We all know one person who has everything. The latest cell phone, the hottest accessories, and the trendiest clothes. It can feel impossible to pick out a gift. For this person, consider this monogrammed leather charger roll up from Mark and Graham. The monogram makes it one of a kind and the high-quality design will leave a lasting impression on the person who has everything.

The  Chef or Foodie

When you really think about it, who doesn’t love food? There’s likely a foodie or chef on your list. The person who adores cooking. Someone who’s always experimenting, taking recipes to the next level, and packs you a to-go container after every dinner date at their house. Feed their culinary love with this Artajo Olie Oil Gift Set from Williams Sonoma, or if they prefer sugar over spice, the Bobbette & Belle: Classic Recipes from the Celebrated Pastry Shop cookbook is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The Entertainer

The best hosts are the ones who pay attention to every detail. Show the party planner on your list that you appreciate the time and effort they put into planning the perfect evening by giving them a gift that’s equally as thoughtful. For this person, I have two suggested gifts. One is one of my favorite books,  Flair. It’s small but cheerful and full of beautiful images. The second is this gorgeous domino set that comes in the most beautiful marble case.

The Homemaker

A well-made throw is a gift that keeps giving! The recipient will think of you each time they use it, and it’s perfect for the cooler winter months.  The Fabio Wool Throw Blanket comes in three neutral colors, is reversible, and made of durable fabric.


1) Fabio Wool Throw Blanket 2) 28 Pc Blanc Domino Set Covered Storage Box - Marble 3) Zanzibar Bone Handle Candle Snuffer 4) Laxmi Vilas Palace Set of 3 Black and White Mosaic Bone Boxes 5) Woven Set of 2 Grey Photo Frames 6) Leather Charger Roll Up

Stocking Stuffers And Other Small Items

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be big and expensive. Meaningful gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Find your favorite photo of you and the recipient and place in this woven picture frame.

If you’re looking for a more casual, but thoughtful gift, a lot of people give candles, but you can make this more personal by including a candle snuffer. The recipient will feel fancy and pampered, and the snuffer will last long after the candle burns out. Archipelago makes some of my favorite candles and these Zanzibar bone candle snuffers always make a lasting impression.

Another idea is to purchase a unique box, like these hand-painted bone boxes, and include a thoughtful note and chocolates or other candies inside. My other go-to accessory gift for clients is a magnifying glass.  You can place it almost anywhere, and everyone will ask about it!

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Coastal Accents in a Serene Master Bedroom


More often than not, when you find your dream home, it isn’t exactly perfect. There’s usually a space or two that you wish you could change, update, redesign, or even move. This master bedroom was no exception. The bones were there, but to create the client’s ideal master suite, we needed a full remodel.

The Wish List

This client was looking for cohesion between rooms and a true master suite. The design inspiration was classic and timeless, but the client also loved the beach! To create serenity and the perfect master bedroom, we selected colors and accents with  influences from the ocean and incorporated traditional furniture pieces to achieve the perfect blend of coastal and classic style.

The Must-Haves

  • Traditional elegance
  • Transition into a full master suite — including master bedroom, closet, and bath



Interior Design Dilemma

When I began this master bedroom project, it was immediately evident that the individual rooms were not going to work in their current state. The most prominent challenge we faced on this project was reconfiguring the individual rooms to use the space better and maximize storage options.

Design Solutions

To make the most use of the space, we had a few custom pieces created. Both the rug and the bed were constructed specifically for this room. By doing this, we were able to use the rug and the bed as focal pieces that perfectly blended into the layout of the room.


Design Highlight

For an interior designer, one of the most rewarding moments is when a client gives the green light on an idea that has the power to change the space entirely. As the designer, this shows that the client trusts you, but for the client, this can be scary! For the master bedroom, the bold idea my team and I came up with was to relocate the shower.

By moving the shower, this allowed my team and I to create the details that set this suite apart. We added inset tile, a gorgeous shower seat, more than one shower head, and glass on two sides of the shower to open the space up and add complimentary luxury to the room.


Team Favorites

The shower wasn’t the only highlight. My favorite item in the master bedroom was the lamps (pictured above) we used on the nightstands. I knew these would be a hit with the client. Not only were they elegant, but they also reminded me of the sea!

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Peltier Homes - a design studio in Pasadena

2017 Annual Holiday Party

Peltier Homes - a design studio in Pasadena

The Peltier Home annual holiday celebration is here again and we can't wait to commemorate another amazing year!

A Reason to Celebrate

We opened the retail studio, Peltier Home on Mission Street in South Pasadena, two years ago and continue to build our reputation in the community as an excellent source for interior design, but also as a go-to destination for home décor and furniture.

In two short years, we have been voted Best of Pasadena in two categories, grown as a team, and become more involved in the Pasadena community. We are excited to reflect on 2017 and celebrate another fantastic year of business.



Your Invited

Each year we invite clients, vendors, family, and friends to join us for our anniversary celebration. It’s a great way to recap on the year, catch up with clients, kick off the holidays, and showcase our favorite holiday gifts.

This year, the Peltier Home holiday celebration will take place on November 15 from 5-8 pm at the retail studio located at 1011-A Mission Street in South Pasadena.


Gift Inspiration

To get into the holiday spirit, we decorate our front window and showroom for the season and stock up on gifts for everyone. You'll find unique gifts for each person on your list; from boxes, frames, vases and our favorite holiday scent Winter Frost. Enjoy music, small bites, desserts, and champagne while you start your holiday shopping. Whether you’ve been before or this is your first time in our showroom, celebrate with us!

Join us on November 15 from 5-8 pm. For more information about our holiday party or to RSVP, contact Delilah at